As our company grows, we consider it our responsibility to give back to the society. We consider CSR to be a core and inseparable component of our overall product offering.We do not aim to solely provide a financial contribution but to open up the minds and the power of our people to achieve a positive impact. We look forward to start this journey by encouraging our employees to consider how the company might be able to do better in the world. We took our first step with humble beginnings in our own neighborhood village.

Dabhasa is a remote village located in Padra sub district of Vadodara, India with a population of 8337 residents. 

The literacy rate of this village is around 81% and the literacy rate has risen by 7% owing to the government run school that has been established there. The school being government run has limited facilities and the category of students attending the school come from average or poor income households.

We decided to give education our priority and to commence this cause distributed kits with essentials- comprising of school bags containing notebook sets and a compass box set to the first three rankers from all grades.

Water bottles were also distributed amongst the primary grades and a water cooler with RO purifier installed within the school.

With this initiative, we hope to boost the students to study hard, encourage more children to join the school and also ensure provision of clean cool drinking water to all students and the staff.