Our product portfolio comprises generic niche products spanning a diverse array of therapeutic categories & targeting a wide spectrum of chronic and acute treatments. Our categories cover major therapy segments like oncology, cardiology, nephrology, anesthetics, hematology, CNS and rare disorders.

We have commercial operations in five continents. Our orphan drug Carglumic Acid for patients with hyperammonaemia caused by the deficiency of N-acetyl glutamate synthase is the first generic in the world.

We are also amongst the few manufacturers of Fomepizole, a highly effective antidote and only known drug for Methanol poisoning, in the world.

We have now ventured into the manufacturing of formulations of our APIs. Our formulations include dosage forms like tablets, capsules, lozenges, and injectables, while we soon plan to take up powders as well. We have recently added FDFs for sexual wellness in our formulation portfolio.

Manufacturing of intermediates is also a newly flagged off project, with us expanding our existing facility to provide dedicated manufacturing for the same. Polyallylamine Hydrochloride our flagship intermediate product, is now available commercially which finds application in the manufacturing of three of our key products. Our R&D pipeline is richly infused with select APIs & Formulations from sought-after therapeutic categories like diabetic care, oncology, HIVhematology, and CNS.

We are committed to producing drug substances and drug products with the highest quality, safety & efficacy and to meet national & international standards in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements in producing consistent quality of products.

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