Small Volume Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our facility for small volume general API manufacturing. We manufacture & supply over 26 APIs for various indications. By using our technical expertise, we work well in advance of drug patent expiration to formulate non infringing processes & DMFs for our APIs


Small Volume Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our dedicated facility for high potent (oncology) API manufacturing. We specialize in producing high potent oncology APIs in a separate facility with dedicated manpower. Using containment safety systems and the lowest occupational exposure limits, we take care of product quality as well as the health and safety of our personnel.


Large Volume Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our new facility for large volume API manufacturing up to 450 TPA. Intended for the manufacturing of large volume APIs, this new facility commencing operations this year will help us achieve shorter delivery timelines to our customers and shall also ensure complete in house control on all production activities.


Large Volume Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our dedicated block for manufacturing of our major intermediates/KSM intended to not only cater to our in house requirement of intermediates but the excess capacity also enables us to supply the product commercially to our customers.

Formulation Block

Our dedicated facility for oral solids manufacturing tablets and capsules with batch sizes ranging from 10 to 300 kg. Equipped with the latest equipment and approved by the UK MHRA alongside other major approvals, we also intend to expand our product range to semisolids and powders.

1st successful approval by TGA, Australia and ANVISA, Brazil.
Now available for development: Anagrelide for the treatment of Essential Thrombocytosis
Up Next: Colesevelam and Colestipol

What’s new?

Salcaprozate Sodium- Key excipient in oral semaglutides and peptides. Commercial quantities available.
Miglustat- Now available commercially for global markets.

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